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Yogi Ramesh Sitaula is the founder of Gurukul yogashram. He got associated in the field of Yoga as a self motivated practitioner since his childhood. He has also practiced Yoga and meditation in the graceful presence of Various Special gurus (Teachers). With the noble desire to extend his knowledge and art to the greater mass of the society he has established this institution (Yogashram). Guruji is a also Healer. Although Guruji has lots of Sadhana's feeling, also went different national and international spiritual institution like Jeevan Vigyan, Vipassana, Isha Foundation, Patanjali Haridwar, Indian Embassy and many more.
Yogiji has initiated service yoga as a uniquely different from of yoga as the prevailing Astanga Yoga in the global context for the welfare of both life and nature.
After undergoing various practices of yoga the Sadhak (Student) go to different places to serve the society and consequently attain additional purification of the mind and body through such noble acts. This form of service Yoga is a unique contribution by Yogiji in the field of social service.
Academically Yogiji is a Software Engineer and topper in his batch . Later he spent long time in learning Chinese language & culture through self study. Then he gave continuity in his yoga, meditation and Shadhana through his leadership in ‘Nepal Darshan’ ( Introducing Nepal) facilitating special personnel from China. He has a good knowledge of Yoga and Naturopathy and achieved higher position of his subject from Nepal Sanskrit University
- Interview on Nepal Television, Mero Adhyatma Television, Guangzhou Yoga Magazine in China about yoga and meditation
- Articles on Gauri Spiritual Monthly Magazine Published in Nepal , Yog Sandesh 2019 Published from India
- Daily Yoga and Meditation program at Gurukul Yogashram
- Special Sadhanas at various places in Nepal and China for particular days.
- Yoga Tourism and Culture promotion at different parts of Nepal
- Spiritual awareness, health consciousness to the society through Yoga and Meditation

YogiJi believes in:
“Service Mind is Yogi Mind”
‘Healthy body, satisfied mind, happy family and purified life’
He has also been contributing various research based articles in different magazines and newspaper. Various Television Channels have also broadcasted his interviews on Yoga, lifestyle and spirituality.

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